Thursday, July 06, 2006

Today's theme:
In which the title sets you up, and the image knocks you down.
Here are three for the Capri pant aficianado,
all with the same pun.

In this one, a dapper Shorty Rogers has caught the eye
of a peroxided grade B (or is it C) starlet.
Looks like those many months of walking through the park in her
striped Capris and silver mules, hoping to attract a lonely
Flugelhornist with argyle socks and penny loafers has finally paid off.

Here's another, from the guy who brought you"I Dig Chicks":

Here's another, this time with the Capri pants replaced with
something from Fruit-of-the-Loom:

By the way...Here's "I Dig Chicks".
One of the best visual puns ever committed to
a paper tip-on over cheap cardboard over vinyl.
This example has a pleasing patina.


Blogger P-E Fronning said...

"I dig chicks"!! That's just great! Thank's for all the good stuff. I'm glad I found my way here :-D

5:21 AM  

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