Monday, July 31, 2006

Back to album covers:

Here's one of the best covers in my collection.
Someone with a deconstructionist bent has removed the
original cover from this album to reveal the cardboard
of the sleeve. Then, a photo of a bouquet of flowers
with a stuffed bunny and a chick that has been
(rather hastily it seems) glued to the surface.

Then, a white square of paper has been added with a gold
foil sticker of a numeral 6 placed over that (Perhaps this is
one of a series. I'd love to see the others).
Interestingly, the 6 sticker is exactly centered, while the
photo is tucked under this to create an asymmetircal composition.

After this, the album was put to use and the scuffed ring appears
which reveals, without showing, the circular contents of the package.

Finally, the thrift store I bought this from has presumably added
the price sticker in the upper-left-hand corner, adding further
tension with its interplay with the 6.

The track listing on the back of the album is centered like the 6 on the front,
but uses black type on white similar to the $0.29 on the front.

A thing of beauty.


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