Friday, August 18, 2006

New topic:
Wherein regular folks get to design an album cover.

This one is a perfect marriage of type and image.
I dare say this cover is much better than the
Original Broadway Cast album released by Capitol,
or any of the subsequent incarnations of this musical play.
Ed Ruscha (Oklahoma native) anyone?

Why did the designer feel that the couple needed to
be represented in two different mediums (stock photography
and clip art). I'm persuaded...almost.

Perhaps the longest album title of all time:
For One In My Life the Mellow Contemporary Now Sounds
of W. V. Grant Jr. with Atlanta's famous Goss Brothers
featuring David Davis at the Hammond.

Poor Mister Davis' name is exactly the same tone of green
as the background. Maybe they didn't like him so much.
A good lesson in mixing up typefaces.

The back reads:
Presenting the NOW God for the NOW Generation

One of the creepiest album covers of all time.
This would never work today,
unless, of course, you were Michael Jackson.
Similar combination of scripts and Gothics as the cover above.


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