Sunday, November 12, 2006


In the early 60s My Mom and Dad both studied at
the Portland Art Museum. This was during the build-up
to the Vietnam War and Dad got drafted. To avoid the general
draft, he was helped by one of his teachers into joining the
Coast Guard. While he was in the service, Mom enlisted
a mutual friend, Fred Lackaff, to take these pictures
as a reminder of the "girl back home".

These are 3D Technicolor stereo slides, only one frame
of each appearing here. Dad had a hell of a time scanning these for me
because they are not in a traditional slide mount, but his
efforts are lovingly appreciated.

These were taken at the Kamm House in Portland,
when Victorian homes were being razed daily.
The Mod-meets-Victorian aesthetic is also apparent in the
window displays previously published herein.


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